28th September 2015 - 3rd October 2015
75th FIP World Congress of Pharnacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Dusseldorf, Germany

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The PharmWeb Conference Calendar is a listing of international pharmacy, pharmaceutical and health-related conferences and meetings.

24th November 2014 - 27th November 2014
GCC Healthcare Innovation Congress
Beach Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


2nd December 2014
Working Together to Help Patients Make the Most of Medicines
Royal College of Nursing, London, UK.


3rd December 2014 - 4th December 2014
Vaccine World Korea 2014
Seoul, Korea.


4th December 2014 - 5th December 2014
Pharma Customer Experience Management Excellence
Emirates Stadium, London, UK.


11th December 2014
Stability Challenges Part II: Assuring the Stability of Medicines from Manufacture to Clinical Use
Royal Society of Chemistry, London, UK.


11th December 2014 - 12th December 2014
Pharma End to end Supply Chain 2014 Europe
Hilton London Kensington Hotel, London, UK.


12th December 2014
Transforming Leadership Culture in Pharmacy
Royal Pharmaceutical Society, London, UK.


16th December 2014 - 17th December 2014
Asian Conference on Nanotechnology (ACN'14)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


1st February 2015 - 3rd February 2015
The 5th Kuwait International Pharmacy Conference
HSC Auditorium, Health Science Centre, Kuwait University, Kuwait.


2nd February 2015 - 4th February 2015
Pharma Commercial and SFE Summit, MENA
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


4th February 2015 - 6th February 2015
Biology and Chemistry: A Permanent Dialogue
Paris, France.


5th February 2015
Quality Risk Management: A Pragmatic Approach
GlaxoSmithKline, Ware, UK.


11th February 2015
Managing Demand in your Pharmacy Service
Maple House, Birmingham, UK.


17th February 2015 - 19th February 2015
7th Annual Patient Recruitment and Retention Summit
Berlin, Germany.


23rd February 2015 - 25th February 2015
Biosimilars and Follow-on Biologics 2015 Americas
Washington DC, USA.


24th February 2015 - 25th February 2015
2015 Pharma CI Europe Conference & Exhibition
Hilton Amsterdam Hotel, Netherlands.


9th March 2015 - 13th March 2015
Fourth International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials (Hybrid Materials 2015)
Melia Sitges Hotel Congress Centre, Sitges, Spain.


13th March 2015 - 15th March 2015
5th Annual International Conference on Advances in Biotechnology (BIOTECH 2015)
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India.


16th March 2015 - 18th March 2015
5th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems
Crown Plaza, Dubai, UAE.


19th March 2015
Combating Counterfeit Medicines: The Solutions
Royal Society of Chemistry, London, UK.


22nd March 2015 - 26th March 2015
249th ACS National Meeting & Exposition - Chemistry of Natural Resources
Denver, CO, USA.


23rd March 2015 - 24th March 2015
The Global Bioequivalence Harmonisation Initiative
Novotel Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


25th March 2015 - 27th March 2015
20th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) - "The Hospital Pharmacist's Agenda - Patient Safety First"
Congress Center Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany.


8th April 2015
Chemical Biology: Bioorthogonal Chemistry Contributing to Molecular Therapeutic Innovation.
Paris, France.


13th April 2015 - 14th April 2015
1st European Conference on Pharmaceutics: Drug Delivery
Reims Congress Centre, Reims, France.


4th May 2015 - 7th May 2015
2nd Annual International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences
Athens, Greece.


5th May 2015 - 8th May 2015
The 15th International Congress of the International Society for Ethnopharmacology
Petra, Jordan.


14th May 2015 - 16th May 2015
21st Annual European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (EAFP) Conference
University of Athens, Athens, Greece.


27th May 2015 - 28th May 2015
1st International Congress of the Controlled Release Society - Greek Local Chapter
Athens, Greece.


23rd June 2015 - 25th June 2015
International Scientific Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics - IPC2015
Budapest, Hungary.


29th June 2015 - 30th June 2015
4th Annual Global Healthcare Conference (GHC 2015)
Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore.


1st July 2015 - 3rd July 2015
7th International Granulation Workshop
University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK.


26th July 2015 - 29th July 2015
42nd CRS Annual Meeting and Exposition
Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, UK.


17th August 2015 - 18th August 2015
3rd Annual International Conference on Advances in Medical Research (CAMR 2015)
Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore.


10th September 2015 - 11th September 2015
2015 Pharma CI USA Conference & Exhibition
Hilton Parsippany Hotel, New Jersey, USA.


10th September 2015 - 12th September 2015
6th BBBB Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences "Strategies to Improve the Quality and Performance of Modern Drug Delivery Systems"
Helsinki, Finland.


13th September 2015 - 16th September 2015
The International Society for Hemodialysis Congress (ISHD 2015)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


21st September 2015 - 24th September 2015
4th World Conference on Physico Chemical Methods in Drug Discovery and Development
Hotel Istra, Red Island, Rovinj, Croatia.


28th September 2015 - 3rd October 2015
75th FIP World Congress of Pharnacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dusseldorf, Germany.


1st October 2015 - 3rd October 2015
20th International Symposium on Microencapsulation
Boston, MA, USA.


15th December 2015 - 20th December 2015
Pacifichem 2015
Honolulu, HI, USA.


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